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Feb, 2022

PHLL 2022 Ellerhorst Fields Protocol and Etiquette

PHLL 2022 Ellerhorst Fields Protocol and Etiquette


1)  There is no designated "Home Team Dugout". The home team may choose its preference of dugout for their game.


2)  Adult PHLL members are welcome and encourage to help before and after with field setup and closing. Managers and Coaches must prepare teams on gameday and could use the assistance. All others on the field and in dugout with the team must be registered volunteers. 


3)  We are an all-volunteer organization. In the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, for intraleague games, both PHLL teams are to prepare the fields before game including watering and or dragging field if necessary and time permitting, putting out bases, setting up pitcher mound and or pitcher plate, chalking batter boxes, foul lines, first base running lane, coach boxes, and softball pitching circle.


4)  If the only game of day or last game on field, after completion of game, both PHLL teams are to put away bases, cover base pegs with plugs, rake smooth pitcher area, batter catcher area, and around the bases, and lock gates.


5)  The dugout equipment box must remain closed and not climbed or sat on.


6)  The dugout equipment box is not for storage of team gear or for trash left in.


7)  Batting tees do not need to be inside dugout equipment box if there is not enough room.


8)  Chalker do not need to be inside dugout equipment box, place in dugout where it will not get wet from sprinklers or rain.


9)  Return chalk bags to black plastic rub in the dugout equipment box to contain any spillage.


10)  Place umpire gear in blue bag to prevent chalk and dirt spilling on it in the dugout equipment box.


11) For the safety of team in dugouts, place all field equipment away from any area that may be in the way of teams in dugout.


12) Do not leave empty chalk bags in dugout equipment box. Dispose in trash can or dumpsters.


13) Clean out dugouts after game, pick up trash and water bottles and dispose.


14) Pick up trash on the dirt infield and grass outfield and dispose.


15) Pick up trash around the stands and dugouts and dispose.


16) Take with you any equipment, clothing, and belongings left behind by players on your team, and belongings left in the stands and area around dugout by parents or will be dispose.


17) Sunflower seeds and peanuts not allowed in dugout but permitted in stands if a bag, cup, or container used. Otherwise, you are to pick up the shells off the ground.


18) Be sure hoses in dugouts turned off and not dripping water placed are back on reel. 


19) Rewinding water hoses S L O W L Y. If it tangles on reel, pull the hose back out and rewind.


20) Rewind base/foul line stringers S L O W L Y. Do not leave it tangled. Even if it takes you two innings to untangle.


21) Do not park in front of double gates to the Ellerhorst school yard by the dumpsters blocking emergency access.


22) Parking is available on Pinole Valley Road and Savage Ave with a short walk from Amber Swartz Park to the Ellerhorst fields


23) Do not double park and block parked cars in parking lot.


24) Drive S L O W L Y in parking lot and when backing out of parking space as there are children walking to and from the fields.


25) Do not leave possessions visible inside car.


26) Respect others and maintain appropriate distancing.


27) Maintain distance away from dugout gates and areas behind and to the sides of dugouts. 


28) Little League is just a game for youth social recreation. We are all adults and role models.


29) Parent Code of Conduct - The way parents and family members behave at youth sports games and practices has a significant impact on the player experience. Parents can set an example for Little Leaguers® by displaying the high-level of sportsmanship that Little League expects of all its participants and respecting all players, coaches, umpires, and volunteers.


30) This list is not extraordinary, its common sense and courtesy, to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for participants and attendees.



We appreciate your assistance and cooperation.


We are an all-volunteer organization.


It is only as good as we make it.



Thank you.

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