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California Department of Public Health

Youth Sports


August 3, 2020

To help slow the spread of COVID-19, California's stay-at-home order issued on March 19, 2020, effectively suspended youth sports, including school-based, club, and recreational youth sports.

Beginning July 30, the California Department of Public Health is allowing youth sports training, conditioning, and physical education under specific circumstances.

What sports are allowed?

Youth sports and physical education are permitted only when the following can be maintained: (1) physical distancing of at least six feet between participants; and (2) a stable cohort, such as a class, that limits the risks of transmission (see CDC Guidance on Schools and Cohorting). Activities should take place outside to the maximum extent practicable.

What if the sport cannot be played with physical distancing and cohorting?

For sports that cannot be conducted with sufficient distancing or cohorting, only physical conditioning and training is permitted and ONLY where physical distancing can be maintained. Conditioning and training should focus on individual skill-building (e.g., running drills and body weight resistance training) and should take place outside, where practicable. Indoor physical conditioning and training is allowed only in counties where gyms and fitness centers are allowed to operate indoors. 

What's not allowed?

As noted above, sports that cannot be played with sufficient distancing and cohorting are not permitted. In addition, outdoor and indoor sporting events, assemblies, and other activities that require close contact or that would promote congregating are not permitted at this time. For example, tournaments, events, or competitions, regardless of whether teams are from the same school or from different schools, counties, or states are not permitted at this time.

What youth sports are impacted?

This impacts all youth sports and activities, including school-based, club and recreational youth sports.

Are pre-season, conditioning programs permitted?

Sport conditioning programs are permitted for individual or team training ONLY where physical distancing of at least 6 feet can be maintained. Conditioning and training should take place outside, where practicable, and focus on individual skill-building activities such as running drills and body weight resistance training.

Can individual or team conditioning be conducted indoors?

Conditioning and training should take place outside, where practicable, and indoor sports activities should follow local guidance for gyms and fitness centers, including requirements for physical distancing, face coverings, and occupancy.

·         Indoor physical conditioning is allowed only in counties where gyms and fitness centers are allowed to operate indoors. 

·         Consistent with guidance for gyms and fitness facilities, cloth face coverings must be worn during indoor physical conditioning and training or physical education classes (except when showering). Activities that require heavy exertion should be conducted outside in a physically distanced manner without face coverings. Activities conducted inside should be those that do not require heavy exertion and can be done with a face covering. Players should take a break from exercise if any difficulty in breathing is noted and should change their mask or face covering if it becomes wet and sticks to the player's face and obstructs breathing. Masks that restrict airflow under heavy exertion (such as N-95 masks) are not advised for exercise.

UPDATE to PHLL 2020 Summer/Fall Season


We are in a holding pattern for Summer/Fall 2020 activities due to Collins and Ellerhorst fields are part of WCCUSD and they have not given permission to resume use of facilities.

At this time, until further notice from Little League, we will plan for a Spring 2021 season with registration opening in early Fall 2020 and teams beginning practices in February 2021.


PHLL 2020 Spring Season Notice of Cancellation


Hello PHLL families,


We hope this finds you and your family well.  The past few weeks have been filled with uncertainty and drastic changes to our daily lives ... changes which at this time don't have a clear end in sight.  WCCUSD schools and fields will be unable to reopen this school year given current safety concerns and ongoing social distancing, and the California "stay-at-home" order at this time is through May 3rd.  Current guidance from Little League International is not to resume any league activities until May 11th at the earliest.  There is no doubt that life will eventually return to normal, but it looks increasingly like that return is still a way down the road.


PHLL had planned a great 2020 season, and we were off to a strong start on February 1.  Unfortunately, the conditions created by COVID-19 have understandably shut our league down along with most businesses and organizations throughout the state, and, increasingly, the country. 


The PHLL Board of Directors has been discussing our league's options continuously, and the decision has been made to officially cancel the remainder of the 2020 Spring season and to offer a 70% refund of registration fees along with a 100% refund of volunteer fees to our families.  


It's good that the kids were able to get some teeball, baseball, and softball time on the fields, and we were fortunate to get approximately one quarter of the 2020 spring season in before the shutdown occurred.  


There are many fixed and non-refundable costs incurred by the league year-round, from equipment purchases and field maintenance, to league charter fees, insurance, credit card transaction fees, etc.  Retaining a small portion of the registration offsets those costs while allowing the League to refund a substantial part of the fee back to you.  


We know that cancelling the remainder of the Spring season is disappointing, and the PHLL Board shares in that disappointment.  We are considering what options there may be for an earlier start to Fall Ball to help get players back on the fields as soon as possible.  We will keep you posted on those plans.  As always, please check the PHLL website for the latest information from the league.


Refunds will start to be processed soon and will be credited using the same method used for your registration payment.  Please allow us and the banks a few weeks to get through them all.


Wishing you all good health, and looking forward to seeing you at the fields sometime down the road,


Arnold Lum


Pinole Hercules Little League Board of Directors

Little League Baseball and Softball

Dear Little League Volunteer,

This is much bigger than Little League®.

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is rapidly changing the way that we, as global citizens, think, act, gather, learn, and live our daily lives. And, yes, that also means how we play Little League.

With the most recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Little League International Board of Directors and staff is now strongly advising all its local Little League programs to suspend/delay their Little League seasons through no earlier than Monday, May 11. We implore you to follow this recommendation and suspend all Little League activities through no earlier than May 11.

We recognize that this is the heart of the traditional Little League season, and we share in the great disappointment that many are feeling surrounding this additional pause in the 2020 season. However, it is our hope that by doing this, we will all play a small, but important part in flattening the curve in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

We will continue to consult with appropriate medical advisors, government health officials and our volunteer leaders around the world, and we are committed to doing the best we can for the safety and wellbeing of our players, families, volunteers, and fans.

As this situation evolves, Little League International is committed to sharing the best guidance possible for all of our 6,500 leagues in more than 84 countries. It is our sincere hope that we can find ways to bring everyone back to the Little League fields this season, whether that’s later this spring or throughout the summer.

Currently, Little League International is working through all possible scenarios for the 2020 Little League International Tournament and tournament eligibility for our leagues and players in our various divisions of play.

Little League will continue to provide additional guidance on the impact of delaying the season and has developed a series of FAQs available at We are committed to sharing information as it becomes available on issues like player eligibility and tournament participation, charter and insurance status for the year, and A Safety Awareness Program plan deadlines.

We also will be sharing guidance on how to resume operations when appropriate, best practices for handling the financial implications, and how you can communicate with parents and families in your communities about this delay in Little League activity. This information will continue to be developed and shared  on and through all of our communications methods.

There are countless resources available, and we urge you to follow the information available through World Health OrganizationCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), your state’s public health department (click here for a listing of state public health departments ), and other county and/or local authorities including precedents set by area school districts and government agencies.

We encourage you to stay in touch with Little League and share any additional feedback or questions from your local communities by emailing

Thank you all for your support, understanding, and community leadership. We will be thinking of our global Little League community during this difficult time.


Stephen D. Keener
Little League President and CEO

Pinole Hercules Little League

Families, Players, and Members


The West Contra Costa Unified School District has announced the closure of its athletic fields and cancellation of our use permits.  Pinole Hercules Little League is suspending all practices and games, home and away, effective immediately.

This is in response to the ongoing concerns over COVID-19 and the health of our players, coaches, families, and our community. The PHLL Board shares these concerns and is supporting the efforts to protect the health and safety of all.

The Board will be meeting to review and decide on action going forward regards the Spring 2020 season and will provide additional information.  Your patience and understanding in this matter is appreciated.

We suggest you monitor the available information regarding the virus and make decisions and take action based on what you believe is best for you and your family.

Below are links to the Contra Costa Health Services and other California Department of Public Health for your convenience.


Rescheduled to Closing Day

May 30, 2020


Pinole Hercules Little League Hit-A-Thon Saturday, March 7th, 2020 at Ellerhorst Fields.


This is a fun and worthwhile fundraising event as part of our 2020 spring season Opening Day festivities. Player’s registration fees only cover a portion of the league’s annual budget. Without the Hit-A-Thon, registration fees would be significantly higher. We depend on fundraisers, sponsorship, and donations to cover our operating costs. These funds go a long way to support city fields usage, field maintenance and facility upgrades, players and sports equipment, clinics and training for player, coach, and umpire development, concession stand supplies, Little League affiliation, and organization costs.

PHLL Hit-A-Thon pledges are processed through 99Pledges, This website has a Player Donation Page for every player, and secure payments are accepted. The player’s Hit-A-Thon page lets you see how your sponsored player is doing in reaching their goal. If your preferred donation method is to send a check, payment can be made to “PHLL” or “Pinole Hercules Little League” to the address at the bottom of this letter.

Our fundraising goal is $15,000. We need everyone’s participation to make the Hit-A-Thon a success!




Winners to be announced and notified this week.

Volunteer Umpires Announced for

2020 Little League® Softball World Series

Greenville, North Carolina


Congratulations to one of our own District 4 umpires from Pinole Hercules Little League appointed to the Little League Softball World Series.

Mark Oda – Pinole, California – West Region

Volunteer umpires are one of the most important aspects in the success of local Little League programs around the world and play a pivotal role in the experience of all of our players throughout the Little League International Tournament.

The selection process to become a World Series umpire is lengthy and rigorous. In order to be eligible to volunteer in a Little League World Series event, an umpire must first have competed in a regional tournament event. After that experience is completed, the process for selection to work a World Series begins with an application submitted by each volunteer umpire through the Umpire Registry. Once received, the District Administrator may also provide comments to the regional office for review. Little League’s nine regional offices then consider all nominated umpires before selecting those who most closely meet the selection criteria.

Individuals who meet those qualifications are then screened annually by Little League International and regional staffs for selection to umpire in a Little League World Series tournament.

Appointment as a member of the umpiring crew for a World Series is the highest honor that Little League can bestow on a volunteer umpire. An individual can be selected for a World Series assignment once every four years but being chosen to work the Little League® World Series is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

PHLL Umpires Needed for 2020


Volunteer Adults and Paid Junior (age 13+) for Minors, Majors, and Junior softball and baseball games. Weekday evening and Saturday games. Training and equipment provided. 

Player parents, guardians, family members, grandparents, relatives, and friends are welcome.

Email to for information.


Pinole Hercules Little League

Spring 2020 Manager and Coach Registration


If you can commit the time, learn the rules of the sport, plan, organize, teach, and communicate to players and families, the league is seeking you to volunteer for Teeball, Baseball, Softball, and Challenger to that we can field teams for all the players.

The league offers resources, training, support, and assistance throughout the season.

Experience or knowledge of the sport is desirable, but is not a prerequisite. You can learn right alongside the team and progress to learn more about the sport and how to coach.

The game is not about winning or losing for the younger teams. The goal is to assist the players in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical well-being.

To register, click on link:

Pinole Hercules Little League Spring 2020 Manager and Coach Registration

Little League Baseball and Softball


The Little League® Rulebook App contains the Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Operating Policies for all divisions of Baseball, Softball, and Challenger in one easy-to-use location.

Little League Rulebook App

The app includes automatic updates for future seasons after a one-time download of $1.99.

Rulebook App Features:

• Baseball, Softball, and Challenger Rulebooks
• App-Exclusive rule interpretation videos
• Search each individual Rulebook (or across all three Rulebooks)
• Saved recent search terms
• Bookmarks for quick and easy reference
• Push notifications for important in-season updates
• One-time download of $1.99
• Automatic updates for future seasons
• Fully functional offline with no data or Wi-Fi connections needed once downloaded

Download on the App Store
Get It On Google Play

Pinole Hercules Little League

2020 Board of Directors


The Pinole Hercules Little League Board of Directors for 2020 will begin their one year term on September 1, 2019 with 16 members including 9 returning and welcoming 7 new members; Allison Palma, Brenda Martinez, Christine Wyatt, Jessica Herbert, Mario Marquez, Shane Herbert, and Walter Duran.  The Board thanks Cesnae Crawford, Monica Siverson, and Tom Snyder for their years of commitment, service, and support in program management and providing leadership to the league.    

Image result for board of directors

2019 Little League Challenger Division® Jamborees to Provide Unique Opportunities to Children Across North America

This year, hundreds of Little Leaguers® with physical and intellectual challenges will receive a unique opportunity to participate in a Little League Challenger Division® Jamboree, a volunteer-hosted event that provides players the experience of a tournament atmosphere.

“Each year, our dedicated volunteers work hard to provide members of our Challenger Division with the unique opportunity to experience the thrill of a Little League tournament while joining together with other members of the community to host an event filled with fun, socialization, and unique memories,” said Sam Ranck, Little League Director of the Challenger Division. “Our Jamboree events provide lifelong memories to not only the participants, but to all of the volunteers who help make the event so special. We are thankful for all the dedication and support that goes into these Jamborees, and hope all of our participants enjoy their time on and off the field this year.”

From Opening Ceremony festivities to a variety of fun and games available to participants, each of the Little League Challenger Division Jamborees provide a unique experience for players, coaches, buddies, and volunteers. 

  • April 28 – California District 4 Challenger Jamboree Walnut Creek Heather Farm Park 

Hit-A-Thon 2019 Fundraiser: $20,531


Thank you participants & donors for contributing to support PHLL

First Player to Raise $500 - Ronald Williams

Top Fundraiser Player - Rocco Vincent

First Team to Raise $1000 - Kristen Williams

Top Fundraiser Team - Elliot Svensson

Top Team Highest Per Player with 100% Participation - Antonio Carrera

Top Fundraiser Team with 100% Participation - Sean McLaren

 Image result for Thank you




The Pinole Hercules Little League Board of Directors thanks the mowing team volunteers for their time and support in maintaining the Ellerhorst grass fields and common areas.

The Ellerhorst fields are leased by West Contra Costa School District to Pinole Hercules Little League (PHLL) with responsibility for mowing and maintaining the grounds.

The Ellerhost fields were used by over 450 players and 100 managers/coaches during the PHLL 2018 Spring, Tournament, and Fall seasons.

The fields were also used by the Pinole High School Varsity and Junior Varsity softball teams for their 2018 practices, regular season games, and playoff tournaments.



The Pinole Hercules Little League would like to thank all our sponsors for the 2018 Little League Season. 

Check out the Sponsors page!



Contact Us

Mail:  Pinole Hercules Little League

P.O. Box 213

Pinole CA. 94564


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